What to Feed My Box Turtle?

The best diet for a box turtle is one that mimics what they would eat in the wild, which includes fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as live insects such as worms, crickets, snails, and slugs. You can also offer them commercial turtle food or reptile pellets. Additionally, some turtles enjoy eating cat or dog kibble from time to time.

When feeding your turtle fruits and veggies you should chop them into small pieces so they are easier to consume. It’s important to provide variety when it comes to feeding your pet because all of the vitamins and minerals they need come from different sources.

Feeding too much protein can cause health problems, so be sure not to overfeed the insects or other animal proteins like shrimp or beef liver. Make sure any food you give is pesticide free!

What Vegetables Do Box Turtles Eat?

Box turtles are omnivores and enjoy eating both plants and insects. They can benefit from a variety of vegetables, such as leafy greens like spinach, mustard greens, lettuce, kale, cabbage, turnip tops; squash; carrots; sweet potatoes, and bell peppers. It is important to provide them with a wide selection of fresh foods every day to keep their diet balanced.

How Often Should I Feed My Box Turtle?

It is important to find out how often to feed your box turtle in order for it to stay healthy. Generally, a juvenile box turtle should be fed every other day, while an adult can be fed two or three times a week. When feeding juveniles, aim for about one teaspoon of food per inch of the carapace length (top shell).

For adults, you should aim for approximately 1-2 tablespoons of food per inch of carapace length. Depending on the type and size of the food being provided, this amount may need to be adjusted accordingly. It is also important not to overfeed as too much food can cause nutritional deficiencies and other health problems in box turtles.

Additionally, try offering variety when possible different types of vegetables and fruits as well as some protein sources such as worms or crickets make great snacks! Lastly, always provide fresh drinking water daily so that your pet stays hydrated at all times!

Should I Feed My Box Turtle Everyday?

It is important to understand that box turtles have evolved over thousands of years and, as such, they have adapted to a particular diet and lifestyle. Generally, it is best to feed your box turtle every other day rather than every day. This will not only help them stay healthy but also allow them the opportunity to forage for food in their natural habitat, which can be beneficial for their overall well-being.

When feeding your box turtle you should provide a variety of foods including dark green leafy vegetables (such as collard greens), and high-quality commercial pellets specifically formulated for reptiles and insects like crickets or mealworms. Additionally, you may want to supplement with fresh fruits (like bananas) occasionally as a treat.

It is essential that all food provided be cut into small pieces so that your pet can easily consume it, this will ensure proper digestion and reduce the risk of choking. Lastly, remember not to overfeed; if you notice any uneaten food left after an hour or so remove it from the enclosure since rotting food can cause health issues in reptiles!

What Can Box Turtles Not Eat?

Box turtles are omnivorous animals, but that doesn’t mean they eat everything! It is important to be aware of the foods that box turtles should not consume. Common items such as cabbage, potatoes, iceberg lettuce, and rhubarb are all toxic to box turtles; these vegetables contain high levels of oxalates which can cause kidney damage in reptiles.

Additionally, it’s best to avoid feeding your turtle processed or canned food because many have added salt or preservatives. Box turtles also have difficulty digesting dairy products like milk and cheese.

Fruits should only be given as an occasional treat since their digestive systems aren’t designed for a high-fiber diet; overconsumption can lead to diarrhea and other health issues. Never give your pet wild-caught insects as they may carry parasites or diseases harmful to box turtles.

How Much Should a Box Turtle Eat a Day?

A box turtle’s diet should consist primarily of leafy greens, such as dandelion leaves and romaine lettuce. They also enjoy snacking on fruits like apples and strawberries, as well as other vegetables such as carrots, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers. Box turtles also need a regular source of protein in their diets; offer earthworms or crickets several times a week to ensure they are getting all the necessary nutrients.

A general rule is that adult box turtles should be fed daily while younger box turtles can be fed every other day or even every third day. Amount-wise you should give your turtle enough food so that it will take about 5 minutes for them to finish eating; any more than this would mean your turtle is being overfed which could lead to obesity-related health issues.

How I feed my Box Turtles?


Feeding your box turtle a varied diet is essential to its health and well-being. You should feed it a combination of live food, such as worms or snails, and fresh produce like dark leafy greens or strawberries.

It’s important to avoid processed foods like canned dog food or commercial pellets because they won’t provide the nutrition that your turtle needs. With patience and care, you can make sure that your box turtle has a healthy diet for years to come!