About Us

Welcome to turtlespet.com. This is your dedicated resource for everything related to turtles!

Hi, I’m Ana, the author of this Turtles Pet website. I always think turtles are good pets. Because they are very calm and very smart. That’s why I like and love turtles in every aspect.

turtles pet

As I spent my life with turtles, I suddenly felt that I needed to share what I know about turtles with everyone. Especially those who want to transfer turtles to their pets. The purpose here is to give proper guidance on how we can live a healthy life with pet turtles and how to care for them.

On this website, we will share the right guide about turtles that we have learned through research and our main goal is to inform you about keeping turtles. We also aim to help you learn how to properly care for all turtle species.